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Create Online Exam in one minute
Instant exams, create & serve in 1 minute Create useful exams in shortest time and communicate to candidates with integrated email and SMS. Read More
Online Exams in Smart Phones
Create & take exams wherever you are Works across the devices. Create and appear exams from anywhere and everywhere. Read More
Online Exam Portal Branding Options
Branding options with endless possibilities. Customize look and feel as your own company branding. Seven pre-designed themes with endless possibilities. Read More
Offline Authoring with SCORM and TIN CAN
Offline authoring available via excel Easily upload all types of questions and candidate lists from excel file in one click. Read More  Watch Video
Offer a more interesting exam this time Candidates would love to respond to the variety of question types, exam have turned more dynamic.
Drag and match exam Drag and Match
Multiple Choice Question Type Multiple Choice (Radiobutton)
Radio Button Question Type Multiple Choice (Dropdown)
Multiple Correct Question Type Multiple Correct
Matching Question Type Matching
Textbox Question Type Fill in the Blank
Textarea Question Type Essay (Evaluated by Admin)
Video based Question Type Video based Question
Online exam live monitor
Enjoy the live coverage of your exams. The ultimate facilitator and addictive Tool for exam managers. Available for Android and Web. Read More
Online exam instructor accounts
Define the roles of the people with you Assign the access rights to the instructors, such as exam managers, assessors, data entry operators or content providers. Read More
Analyze Exam Results Reap the benefits of the efforts of conducting tests. Get analytical reports to visualize the learning.

Progress Reports

Result (Score Card) for your all candidates and overall performance report by candidate, exam, date time and sections.


Detailed information for your questions, allows you to see each question how many times attempted, corrected, incorrected or left unanswered.
Send email from online exam software
Fine print your reports Print, download or email your certificates, score cards, reports, lists and exams. Beautifully simple and printer friendly design. Read More
Send email from online exam software
Stay in touch and interact effectively Send detailed email and SMS intimating the upcoming exams and changes in schedules. Read More
Certificate from Online Exam Software
Give certificates to performers Craft your certificates and customize them by adding logo, text, background, signature and score. Read More
Sell your quiz online
Encash your exams You can sell exams online and get payments directly in your PayPal account. Your candidates can take the exam immediately upon payment. Read More
Self registration with online exam software
Provide candidate walk-ins The candidates can join you by self registration utility or simple API. Easy integration with your existing LMS. Read More
Spanish, German Exam Software
Multiple Languages Supported SpeedExam provides candidate user interface in world's top languages. Offer best testing environment in your language. Read More
Test Maker Software
The best self-study tool for learners. The candidates who believe in competing themselves would win here. It is a add-on facility for the exam manager. Read More
Online Exam Proctoring Tools
Your data safety is our top priority. Get email alerts on any violation of rules prescribed. Prevent Copy paste, Print Screen and Multiple sign in. Read More
Online Exam Data Export to excel file
Create & preserve your own backups Export your data such as Groups, Candidates, Sections, Questions in popular format like excel and CSV. Read More
Offline Authoring with SCORM and TIN CAN
Trusted by the world SpeedExam is the trusted and dependable solution for world’s leading organizations for their testing needs. Read More
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