SpeedExam offers everything you need to create & run a quiz, tests, and exams for your candidates. You can take tests on a daily/weekly basis and analyze learning the best way. We take all the pain out of exam management by handling the messy stuff like user profile and test delivery for them automatically. Whether you have a small number or a hundred, we've got you covered.

Easy to use for everyone

SpeedExam is an online exam system designed for individuals, educational institutes, business organizations and their candidates. Using it is easy for everyone. Administrator, teachers and candidates.

Question bank management

Speedexam offers unlimited multi-lingual question bank management, it supports the legacy of an organization from their knowledgeable and experienced teachers in the form of questions.

Simplified candidate management

The candidate management process is a tedious task, involving too much time and resources. With SpeedExam, the process from enrollment to progress reports can be done at your fingertips with absolute accuracy and utmost care, yet so simple!

Powerful Analysis

SpeedExam provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to measure accurately the effectiveness of every quiz or exam you conduct or appear. Go beyond results and deeply measure learning of your candidates.

Secured by SSL

SpeedExam software is covered by industry leading SSL. We use 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used for internet banking. Online applications are much more secure than emailing your data or giving out discs with your data on it.

Import & export data

With SpeedExam, you can easily export / import data in popular formats like Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Pdf, and CSV. Its's integrated email support system also helps to send lists and results to the users.

No SpeedExam branding

Remove SpeedExam branding from your exam pages, email templates, and reports to give them the professional touch and make it your own.
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